Gone Too Soon is a support group for Parents who have lost a Son or Daughter, in any circumstances and if recent or a while ago.

The group was launched in June 2017 by Lyn after the loss of her Son, Tony.  He had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and died in St. Luke’s hospice, Basildon in April 2015, aged 35 years old.

Lyn soon realized that it was a very isolating place to be when you lose a child.   She wanted to make contact with other parents who had also lost children.   Parents go through all sorts of emotions and trying to come to terms with such a traumatic loss can be so exhausting and draining – it’s just not the natural order of life and no one expects their child to die before them.

Gone Too Soon is there for parents to come and feel safe enough to honestly talk to one another about their feelings and emotions with other parents who have walked that same path.

By meeting other parents who are also going through the devastating loss of a child has shown that some of the difficult emotions that are felt are ‘normal’ and can help to know that you are not alone.  Sometimes its just making small steps each day.

When anyone has a loss, their self esteem and confidence can be affected so to walk in a room of complete strangers and to share something so personal can be very daunting.  Lyn encourages parents to give her a call and chat before they come along to the group and she is always happy to meet up on a one to one basis for a cuppa to help them feel more comfortable about coming.

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